Are There Free Drug Habit Facilities Out in the Memphis, Tn Area Because My Brother Is in Jail?

Question by ShullyR: Are there free drug habit facilities out in the memphis, tn area because my brother is in jail?
and when he gets out, our family wants to get him all the help he can get without spending a fortune. Does anyone have any ideas on any cost-free or inexpensive places in memphis or anywhere else?

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Answer by einreb
He will be dry when he comes home. Speak to a social worker.

Answer by Orange Mound Hero
A wonderful local resource is the Memphis Alcohol and Drug Council – Substance Abuse Services: 1430 Poplar Avenue, (901) 274-0056.
They offer referrals and treatment and accept payment on a sliding fee scale based on income. Among other things, they specialize in people involved in the criminal justice system. I believe they only offer outpatient services, but would be able to direct you to an affordable inpatient treatment program if that’s what you feel is needed.
Good luck with your brother.

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