Court Mandated Drug Rehab Programs?

Question by hummingbird: court mandated drug rehab programs?
So i was researching programs that might have involuntarily inpatient rehab centers for my mom. Mostly because i had heard someone talking about how they got their son in law to go to rehab only by having these people take him by force and that he was all better now and so forth bragging about how good it did for him. So i thought this would be great for my mom so ive done some research and chatted online with operators. Come to find out that there is no such thing[ had sounded way too good to be true from the beginning.] Now he did tell me that I can go to my local court house/ clerks office and ask to get a mandated court order or something of that nature. He went onto telling me that i would need another person to sign with me but didnt explain more of what i would need or how the process goes about. Any info or suggestions.?
In case you were wondering… she suffers from methamphetamine drug abuse. She has tried aa meetings and even going voluntarily to a rehab center but left not too long after being admitted. Ive about had it and its beginning to take a toll on my younger siblings and is getting out of hands…

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Answer by Tiff
You can call 866-716-4552 …it’s a substance abuse hotline that specializes in locating a treatment center depending on your needs!! They work with a lot of different situations, so they may be able to recommend something for you. It’s a good thing you are doing for your mom!

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