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Substance Abuse and Depression – Kristine Shares Her Addiction Recovery Story at Palm Partners

Substance Abuse And Depression – Kristine Shares Her Addiction Recovery Story At Palm Partners — Substance abuse and depression, this is the story of Kristine. She describes how she changed from being a good student and athlete to a drug addict. Addicted…

Prescription drug addicts 'are adept' at fooling GPs… Continue reading

A Look at the Many Ways Bollywood Mishandles Mental Health

A Look at the Many Ways Bollywood Mishandles Mental Health
… health issues usually leaves much to be desired. Let's take a look at some examples from the past decade to get a better idea of the Bollywood's subpar treatment of mental illnesses, intellectual disabilities and autism (major spoiler warning… Continue reading

Shirley Jones Wants a High-Flying 80th Birthday

Shirley Jones wants a high-flying 80th birthday
LOS ANGELES – Inspired by a former president, Shirley Jones can't wait to jump into her birthday plans. The Oscar-winning actress and singer says she'll take her very first skydive on Monday — her 80th birthday. "That's something I wanted to do all… Continue reading

Speak About Drug-Addiction as a Treat to Your Life .?

Question by victoria d: Speak about drug-addiction as a treat to your life .?
HOw affects you those which are drug-addicted and the high level of drug -addiction/

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Answer by Dink
Drug addiction is plain and simple- it corrupts the life of the user and those around them.… Continue reading

What Are Some Effects of Drug Addiction?

Question by zimran!!..: what are some effects of drug addiction?
effects on the person, effects to his society..?
serious answer please..

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Answer by Brand X
any addiction is that which interferes with carrying on a normal life.

Answer by silver.graph
It depends on the drug. One of the… Continue reading

Oramorph Addiction & Oramorph Abuse

Oramorph Addiction & Oramorph Abuse — http://drugrehabcenter.com – Oramorph Addiction & Oramorph Abuse – Our 24-hour Toll-Free Recovery Hotline at 1-800-303-2938 can provide you with more informa…

Courier Times Community Calendar for April 14
Lunch provided for registered volunteers who work 4 hours. … 3:30-5 p.m. April 24. Help carry… Continue reading

Alcohol Abuse Hotline (888) 978-4179

Alcohol Abuse Hotline (888) 978-4179 — Alcohol Abuse Hotline – Looking for Alcohol Abuse Hotline? Call (888) 978-4179 for Alcohol Abuse Hotline. Available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week! http://www.y…

More Drug Abuse Hotline Information…

Homelessness a Persistent Problem for People With Mental Illness, Addictions

Homelessness a persistent problem for people with mental illness, addictions
The stories are all too common. More and more in our province, people with complex needs — mental health issues and/or addictions — who have been in trouble with the law are left living in substandard conditions due to the… Continue reading

Boyfriend’s Drug Addiction and Guilt-Tripping Family?

Question by roarmrdinosaur: Boyfriend’s Drug Addiction and Guilt-Tripping Family?
My boyfriend of 4 years has been using Oxycontin for almost a year now. His social circle has been created because of the drug. He recently has come to terms and admitted to me that he does not want to be… Continue reading

A Little Help

A little help
On a personal level, a lot of us were not so successful; Kelly was still sick, I was in a half decade long relationship that was dissolving, and other people around us were falling prey to drug addiction and suicide. Every coin has two sides. Mini Bar… Continue reading