What Are Some Effects of Drug Addiction?

Question by zimran!!..: what are some effects of drug addiction?
effects on the person, effects to his society..?
serious answer please..

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Answer by Brand X
any addiction is that which interferes with carrying on a normal life.

Answer by silver.graph
It depends on the drug. One of the most common, opoid addiction (heroin, prescription narcotics) is also one of the most dramatic. The afflicted person may feel a terrible itching sensation as his or her body reacts badly to the drug, and yet the force of the addiction is such that the person seeks more. The practicing addict will move between drugged lethargy and miserable alertness, and during the latter his/her whole focus will be on getting more of the drug. School, work, human relationships, and the sense of right and wrong are all eclipsed by the addict’s need for more of the drug. Motivation in all other areas disappears.

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  • l2wh says:

    Frying one’s brain, serious organ damage, constantly breaking into places to get money for a quick fix. People Od’ing. Your body slowly becomes dependant on the drug over time. Affects your relationship with everybody. Stoned almost all the time, end up living in the streets like trash.

  • kitty.hicks says:

    To the person…. Financial, emotional, physical…. effects on society are financial burdens, crime, saftey issues such as DUI

  • cst362000 says:

    drug/alcohol addicts affect everyone they come in contact with. Many believe they are only hurting themselves. The whole family, employers, health services, legal services and many more are touched by one persons actions. The addict usually ends up in a state of not only physical addiction but also a mental obsession that makes life uncontrollable. Nothing can be done till the addict has “hit bottom” or has come to a state where they will do ANYTHING to recover. At this time a long term inpatient treatment is best. I found getting away from my environment and life style and learning a new way to live was a must. Most important is the renewing of spiritual life. Recovery is a life long process but life can be wonderful without drugs and alcohol. Contact AA/NA or a local alcohol and drug agency. Hope this has helped.

  • pyxypower777 says:

    There are infinite negatives to drug addictions and it’s effect on others. The person himself Takes his life in his hands everytime he uses (depending on the drug) . Every time he uses he does liver damage and kidney damage which WILL end up in the kidneys shutting down. Liver failure, scerossis of the liver. Damage to the heart, heart attack, heart failure, blood clot(stroke), vision loss, hearing loss. Damage to the nervous system, uncontrolled twitch, to local paralasys. Low immune system, inability to fight off infection, bronchitis, pnemonia. Shooting pain. I could go on forever… You’re not always afflicted by the damage right away, there WILL be physical and phcycological damage that may not be evident for several years. No one is immune. You also end up needing more and more, soon you can’t even feel normal (this applies to every drug user ever) your body acclamates and requires more. This is often the point of OD. I seriously could go on 4-ever. Socially it starts with those closest to him, mood swings, violent behavior, irrational thought, paranoia, judgment seriously impaired. The person will do things you could never imagine them doing, to obtain thier fix. They eventually hate anyone who does’nt use. They move away from positive relationships, to negative, unless they need you for a place or money or what ever they require to live on. This is called enablment. Access to your bank account should be seriously reconsidered, it will get worse, no matter how great they are. It is not them anymore, logical thought is the first to go. It becomes dangerous at some point if you cut them off, they feel that somehow you owe them, they blame others for thier addiction. People who hurt them or you. If you buy in to that you are enableing them and letting them kill themself and possibly others. It seems terrible but when it comes down to it they need intervention, you can’t just quit and be OK. Rehab is not that bad, and most jobs can not fire you for voluntarily opting for it. Again with society, they feed the chain of violence, think about where the drugs come from all the hands it;s been through. Corrupt governments drug lords, gangs that kill each other over drug selling turf. More money to the dealers to sell to more people who are addicted kids, moms, babies born addicted, buying drugs furthers the collateral damage. One more point and I’ll shut up, these drugs are not regulated you really do not know what has been added all it has been cut with as it exchanges hands. You never know extactly what your getting or how your body will react.

  • Ms. Bossy says:

    I am a recovering addict and know alot about effects of drug addiction. I started when I was 13 and at 25 I was a junkie and a prostitute. Addiction grabs ahold of you and it’s hard to walk away from. The instant gratification, the sickness or coming down from withdrawls…to the endless search of the next high. You live to get high and get high to live. Overall, most crimes are committed by drug users which in return leads to more arrest resulting in a high percentage of drug addicts in institutions (jail/prison). Is there a solution? I find the answer to my problems in N/A. I work the 12-steps and apply recover to my everyday life. The truth is..you have to want to get clean. Parents, Judges, children, lovers can beg, plead, or sentence you but only you can change and if your willing and open for a different way of life. I thank God everyday that I hit my rock bottom b/c I was tired of being in the cycle of addiction. The N/A program for me has been a self-examination of myself. Starting from when I was young, to past relationships, rejection, betrayal, survival,and entire list of factors that lead me to get high and continue to stay high. You have to take a deep look at yourself. Its strange because I use to get high because I didn’t like myself and wanted to be different. But in the end…lonely, homeless, and addicted…it hit me… I just wanted to be myself again. Here I was running away from who I was and now I only want to be that person again…b/c now I know who I am.

  • john c says:

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