What Are Some Effects of Drug Addiction?

Question by zimran!!..: what are some effects of drug addiction?
effects on the person, effects to his society..?
serious answer please..

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Answer by Brand X
any addiction is that which interferes with carrying on a normal life.

Answer by silver.graph
It depends on the drug. One of the most common, opoid addiction (heroin, prescription narcotics) is also one of the most dramatic. The afflicted person may feel a terrible itching sensation as his or her body reacts badly to the drug, and yet the force of the addiction is such that the person seeks more. The practicing addict will move between drugged lethargy and miserable alertness, and during the latter his/her whole focus will be on getting more of the drug. School, work, human relationships, and the sense of right and wrong are all eclipsed by the addict’s need for more of the drug. Motivation in all other areas disappears.

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