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Marijuana Addiction Help Review – Health Review Center

Marijuana Addiction Help Review – Health Review Center — Marijuana Addiction Help is an effective treatment for marijuana addiction. All the information you need about the product will be discussed. If you don’t wa…

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How Can a Teen’s Addiction to Online Gaming Affect His/her Studies?

Question by Y: how can a teen’s addiction to online gaming affect his/her studies?
please explain how.
how does it affect a teens health?

Best answer:

Answer by i’ll never stop my wondering
Because instead of spending hours studying, he spends them on gaming.

Answer by charlysgirl
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Prescription Drug Addiction – Not a “real” Addiction?

Question by r6racer: Prescription drug addiction – not a “real” addiction?
per my other posts, I was addicted to xanax for many years. I did some stupid stuff while high on xanax, said some real hurtful things. Used to crawl on hands and knees on the carpet looking for any… Continue reading

Help Stop the Spiral: Take Back Unused Prescription Drugs

Help stop the spiral: Take back unused prescription drugs
Statistics show more Americans abuse prescription drugs than the number of those using cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens and inhalants combined, and a majority of those abused medications come from family, friends and in some cases, the household …
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Family Alcohol Addiction. PLEASE HELP!?

Question by Emily Summers: Family Alcohol Addiction. PLEASE HELP!?
I don’t know where to turn. To shorten a very long story as best as I can my 24 year old brother is a severe alcoholic, he does nothing but drink and if he doesn’t drink he has seizures. These seizures… Continue reading

Drug Addicted Babies – Part 1

Drug Addicted Babies – Part 1 — The numbers of babies born addicted to prescription drugs or opiates are skyrocketing!! Dr. Adashek discusses the problem in part-1 of a 2-part special on th…

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Signs of Cocaine Addiction That Works – 1-855-885-8651

signs of cocaine addiction that works – 1-855-885-8651 — Do you or a friend Continuallyfight with Cocaine Addiction, we can provide help with addiction inpatient treatment. Cocaine Abuse Hinders the entire Family. …

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Persons I Could Talk to Regarding Addiction Treatment?

Question by brittani LS: Persons I could talk to regarding addiction treatment?
Well, it’s not really me who needs to talk to someone. It’s my sister. She’s an alcoholic, but she won’t talk to us about it. I snooped around and read her diary (bad, I know), and she stated… Continue reading

How Do I Overcome a Food Addiction?

Question by : How do i overcome a food addiction?
im pretty much addicted to food, i just love eating. i have overcome exercising, i am able to consistently exercise for 40 minutes a day. Its just eating that gets me, could i have some tips on restricting my food… Continue reading

HELP/PSI’s Chief Medical Director Speaks About Prescription Drug Abuse on the Dr. Steve Show

HELP/PSI’s Chief Medical Director Speaks about Prescription Drug Abuse on the Dr. Steve Show — Dr. Barbara Zeller, HELP/PSI’s Chief Medical Officer, speaks on the Dr. Steve Show about new prescription drug monitoring regulations and how this monitoring…

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