Prescription Drug Addiction – Not a “real” Addiction?

Question by r6racer: Prescription drug addiction – not a “real” addiction?
per my other posts, I was addicted to xanax for many years. I did some stupid stuff while high on xanax, said some real hurtful things. Used to crawl on hands and knees on the carpet looking for any pills or broken pills. Got a few regrettable tattoos.

When I tell my younger brother about the years I was addicted, he kinda rolls his eyes at me. Like it wasn’t a “real” addiction since it was a prescription drug?


I have heard from SEVERAL people that withdrawal from xanax is far worst than withdrawal from heroin. I dont know about you guys, but i went through hell with the xanax.

I am kind of confused by the response.
I was addicted. I was taking so much, that when I ran out I had a seizure and ended up in the ER handcuffed to the bed (apparently i was fighting the police). I used to take 6 or 8 pills a day.

I was just posting to see if anyone had similar feelings on the subject to me. To me, addiction is addiction. I used to crawl on hands and knees looking for any remaining pills I may have dropped. I would get high in the morning, on the way to work and at night when I got home.

I was just saying, it is offensive when someone (my brother) acts like it wasnt a real addiction, because it was xanax and not heroin or cocaine

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Answer by Freddd
Accomodation and addiction are two different things. Accomodation happens with all sorts of drugs. With Xanax one must do a slow withdrawal for it to be safe and comfortable. Too fast a withdrawal from this drug can cause potentially fatal seizures and/or years of problems.

Addiction produces an out of control pattern of use and an inability to take as directed. Accomodation happens whether you take as directed or not.

Answer by bintrikkin
Of course you can be addicted to prescription drugs.

Not every on who is dependent on them is addicted however.

You were both addicted and dependent, and congratulations for realizing it and getting off!

Too many people think that some one who is taking pain meds for serious pain shouldn’t be taking them.

People can abuse them, like some famous celebs.

But many people who suffer from excruciating pain are actually under-medicated.

So life is hard, trouble with abusing them, and people not getting what they should have.
This society is still free so far, to make mistakes.

I would like to see things done compassionately, and in the freedom our country stands for.

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