How Can a Teen’s Addiction to Online Gaming Affect His/her Studies?

Question by Y: how can a teen’s addiction to online gaming affect his/her studies?
please explain how.
how does it affect a teens health?

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Answer by i’ll never stop my wondering
Because instead of spending hours studying, he spends them on gaming.

Answer by charlysgirl
addictiion to gaming = playing games hours on end. This will prevent u from studying, homework ect.. Also it stresses your eyes and brain which will as a result end up in headaches. You also get a lot less sleep, you will fall asleep in school ect..

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One Response to How Can a Teen’s Addiction to Online Gaming Affect His/her Studies?

  • andi says:

    yea i had that addiction early on,
    and its sad because you like it,
    but in the long run online gaming is a waste of time if you aren’t studying.
    if you can’t do your work before you play then you will not succeed
    it was a progressive work and the technology god’s smited my computer.
    so i just didn’t buy a new one (well i needed a lap top for college)
    and i rarely game
    i started about 5 hours a day and am at about 3 hours a week
    its long and hard. but focus on your priorities and sometimes addictions like that will start to dissipate

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