Ending the War on Drugs.?

Question by Bureaucracy.Hypocrisy: Ending the war on drugs.?
I have seen this title in the of several major news organizations it is what are new drug czar said recently. I would like to know how there is any legal ground to stand on to criminalize using and doing things to your own body? I understand if you are hurting others through your own actions but what make the government the dictator of you own person? If I want to ingest, inhale, or inject anything into my body I should be able to even if that includes a bullet. Now I understand that if your mentally ill delusional or are incoherent then now the bullet is not a choice. But the age we live in we should not look down are nose at people instead we should help through treatment when they want it and not punish one for doing as they choose. We should fight for a end of poverty and health care that cost to much as well as are under educated workforce…We should fight for a end to others telling us what we should do to are own bodies. We cannot solve are problems through laws and hard time…

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Answer by Thedude27
Thats a great position. I will disagree slightly in that its not my duty to help you through treatment but I might do so out of the kindness of my heart.

Unfortunately I believe that the “non-war” has only changed in name so far

Answer by Mr.Robot
The Federal government had no right making drugs illegal to begin with. It is a state issue, and should ONLY be decided by the states and their citizens.

If a state wants to legalize pot, they have every right to do just that and the feds need to stay the hell away from it.

And i totally agree, it doesn’t harm anyone when you or I smoke pot. We have archaic drug laws in our country that desperately need revising.

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