Persons I Could Talk to Regarding Addiction Treatment?

Question by brittani LS: Persons I could talk to regarding addiction treatment?
Well, it’s not really me who needs to talk to someone. It’s my sister. She’s an alcoholic, but she won’t talk to us about it. I snooped around and read her diary (bad, I know), and she stated that she would much rather talk to a stranger about this. I figured I could help her by giving advice about whom to talk to.

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Answer by cynthia v
Well, calling a helpline is a good idea. Here’s one: 800-559-9503. The people on the other end of the line are really friendly and would be willing to listen to your sister. You can also suggest that she join AA. It would be good to talk to other people who know what she’s going through. They’ll be able to relate to her feelings and they’d know what to say because they’ve been there.

Answer by kiki
AA is a great suggestion, I know a lot of people whose lives were turned around by going.
Also, if there is a local drug/alcohol clinic in your area, she might be willing to go. Otherwise, there are plenty of counselors out there. The first answer had some links in it, check them out.
Good luck.

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