Breaking the Surprise News of Going to Residential Drug Treatment to Fiance?

Question by foxydiva909: Breaking the surprise news of going to residential drug treatment to fiance?
My fiance and I have been together on and off for 5 yrs. now, share a house and a child together as well. ALthough he knew from the start that I used the drug meth on occasional use, he didn’t know a thing about it (tell signs, effects etc.) and had never even tried it, he has always spoke very low of addicts. Any how we spent sometime (3yrs.) apart and during that time I became a heavy user and was addicted. Once we had gotten back together it was just after a long period after I had been sober. So when shortly after our reconciliation I had a relapse and didn’t want to admit defeat and dissapoint him, so I chose not to. From there it just kept on happening although he has had suspicions everytime he would bring it up I would lie my ass off and him believe it. Now a year later my addiction is becoming unmanageable and I know I need professional treatment but I don’t know how to break it to him & still have his support. Also I know he would try to take custody of son:( so any advice?

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Answer by kelstar
Gosh, isn’t the first step admitting to yourself you have a problem? Congratulations. You are right to say it is unmanageable, if anyone thinks they can use occasionally they are deluded. Step up and tell him. There is no way of “gentle” news breaking with regard to this situation. You cant control his reaction but you can control what YOU do from this point. Hopefully he will support you at this time, and if he doesn’t, work out your options for care of your child. Teach your child that drugs and addictions are not healthy and not to follow in your footsteps. Sadly it has come to this point, there are no guarantees he will be there beside you as all the lies you’ve told to this point, you need to release expectations of him and just go with the flow and earn his trust back slowly. All the best with your journey and may you succeed.

Answer by Jack R
If that is the guy your going to be with, then ya gotta tell him and get clean. That’s All I can say.

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