Can My Husband Still Recover From His Drug Addiction?

Question by allie: Can my husband still recover from his drug addiction?
I’m starting to lose hope. My husband is addicted to pot. After months of negotiation, he finally agreed to enter a drug rehab and recieve treatment. The thing is, I don’t think any program works for him. He just finished his second treatment program and I don’t think it made any changes. He still smokes pot. Do I have to ask him to enter another drug rehab? Do I have to finally give up on him?

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Answer by Katherine W
I think there’s a group for the spouses of addicts, called Narc-Anon. You should look into it. I think that, ultimately, it would be healthier to leave him, as he’s not going to change as long as you’re there. Your leaving will either give him the impetus to change, or at least you get away from him and his addiction. Some things can’t be fixed unless the person chooses to, and your husband is choosing dope over you.

Answer by kimmy
You shouldn’t lose hope. There are many reasons why he is still an addict despite the two rehab programs he’s attended. The first reason is: maybe he’s not interested. It’s possible that he agreed to enter a rehab just because of you. It may be because he just wants to end the discussion. He wants to make you happy so he did it. The problem is, he has to do it for himself too. Another thing is, maybe the program just wasn’t right for him. Maybe it was too much to handle. Be patient enough to look for treatment programs that might be more suitable to his needs. Look for doctors and counselors that he will listen to. After all, Lindsay Lohan entered three different rehabs. Maybe the third one is your husband’s lucky charm too. It’s also a possibility that he is not ready to give up smoking yet. Talk to your husband and ask him what he feels. I advise you not to leave him. You might be his only hope.

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  • dontmesswithheather says:

    you cant make him want to quit, he has to want to, otherwise yes it is a lost cause. Maybe you need to get him motivated. Leave him and maybe that will start a spark in his brain that maybe he should quit. Except I dont mean leave him for a month, I am talking more like a few months, maybe five. Let him know what he is loosing. and make sure before you go back that he actually wants to quit. it shouldnt just be for you. You shouldnt have to ask him to go to drug rehab. I think if you leave him for about 5 months and then he does it again, then I think you should probably give up on him. It is different if he is actually trying to quit, but the way you make it sound, he has really made no effort to quit and until he does, it is definitely not worth it.

    EDIT: and when I say leave him for around 5 months i dont mean totally cut him out of the picture, you should go out with him occasionally, but make sure he realizes what he is missing because he rather have pot instead

    EDIT: here is a site that tells alittle more about how he would be addicted

  • Krishna Das says:

    Don’t worry and forget about all negative thoughts.I would advice to you to do some things.First, ask him to think about negative views,and think positive only.Keep him busy in some constructive works like,gardening, preparing good food of choice and intrest.To do meditation(at least 1 hour daily in early morning),Because,meditation is the best and wonderful medicine for physical and mental problmes.Also,to do worshipping God.After all he takes care of his all sons/daughters and gives power to fight against all evil things,because he loves them too much.Best of luck.

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