Drug Tests in California?

Question by Blackb3lt: Drug tests in California?
Are you subject to drug tests from an employer if you have a prescription for medical marijuana?

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Answer by the01animal
u r still subject to them but an allowance shoud be made for the prescriptions u have

Answer by jafnarf
DO you honestly think that the Employer is going to buy that??? If you tell them that you have a prescription for that you probably wont make it to the drug test part of the hiring process.

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One Response to Drug Tests in California?

  • mikeysco says:

    A) You don’t have a prescription for marijuana. You might have a written or oral recommendation, but you don’t have a prescription.

    B) You are subject to drug tests by your employer if you are subject to drug tests by your employer. The fact that you are taking a particular drug (codeine, aspirin, marijuana, or penicillin) doesn’t excuse an employer’s requirement for you to be tested, unless your employer excuses it as a matter of their policy.

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