How Do I Help the Drug War?

Question by prettyparadoxal 1: how do i help the drug war?
i want to help conquer the oxi war but am a single mom what can i do?
where is a better place to ask this question on ya?

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Answer by Shaan
Yes u should focus on this matter deeply and start contecting to expert of it who can help u properly contect to any health related department so theywould help you properly…..if u have any question then its my youtube account add me on youtube

Answer by Green Shelly
You’d better do what you should do and advocate the people around you to boycott drug

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2 Responses to How Do I Help the Drug War?

  • Blu Berry says:

    It’s a lost cause.

    Doctors keep prescribing, people sell OC/opiate pills on the black market, and a lot of people do what’s called “Doctor shopping” and get multiple Oxy scripts and abuse them and sell the rest of their pills.

    I used to work in a pharmacy and IME we got WAY too many scripts for Oxy, percocets, vicodin, and opiate pills that people did not need. Now I’m not saying if you have actual pain from say surgery or recovering from a back injury or broken bones or dislocated bones that you shouldn’t take such medications but people would come in and they would get a monthly script of 60 opiate pills and I doubt they were all used for managing pain.

    The makers of Oxy tried to make it so people can’t abuse Oxy but people who abuse opiates are always going to figure out a way around that like they did by crushing the time release and snorting it or taking it other dangerous ways like IVing a pill.

  • Man in the Iron Mask says:

    First don’t use (I’m not implying anything about you, just if you somehow get tempted), and teach your children about the dangers of drug abuse and peer pressure.

    Also if you know anybody who is facing addiction, try to help them to seek out treatment. It is kind of tough because the person has got to want to change. Just like alcoholics, they’ve pretty much got to hit rock bottom.

    If you really want to combat drugs, maybe you could pursue a career in counseling, social work, an addiction specialist, etc.

    Oxycontin is one of those drugs that can ruin a person. It’s an opiate. Once they get a hold on someone, it’s a slow downward spiral. Opiates like Oxycontin and its street twin Heroin, are like monkeys on backs of those who are addicted. Junkies lose almost all of their scruples trying to feed this monkey.

    Good luck, but there is a limit to what one person can do. I think that even if you help one addict get on the path to recovery, then you have done a lot.

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