How Exciting Is This News Regarding Cancer Research?

Question by Not so looney afterall: How exciting is this news regarding Cancer research?
A million dollar prize for the person who comes up with the best new idea to treat or cure cancer…

More info. is in this yahoo article:;_ylt=Al8nz8K3I8Uj_ePPe74_qEbVJRIF

This is the kind of “out-of-the-box” thinking America needs!

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Answer by teri
Cancer is not only something I worry about it is possibly in my destiny…so I have searched the answer as I believe you are….meat in this country has steriods, hormones, and antibiotics that are nothing but toxins and unhealthy for us in the long run…milk has 75 chemicals and at least three cause cancer…cold cuts has nitrates and that causes cancer….I eat natural foods not synthetics like margarine….olive oil not whosits…no processed foods or yucky burgers…i buy my foods from India markets cause their foods are organic without organic prices…i take no MEDS at all so I do not send truama through my body….i go to doctors from India cause they don’t panic, have no deals with drug companies, and will go natural for healing purposes. DOn’t get me wrong I do not find fault with the doctors, just drugs that are not safe and have side effects. Pau D arco tea is a wonder cure for cancer, it kills almost anything that appears on my skin by applying after showering and leaving on all day…acidophilus and aloe vera gold to clean digestive tract and cure any infectious materials…green tea, and lots of organic veggies an fruits….cheese, bread tofu and good stuff….thats the way for me…oh and i learned about our milk and meats in Ireland from my family in the dairy business there. We need to be informed about what we ingest and are told is good for us. Just listen to comericals that tell of the med we need and how the side effects are worse than the ailment we started with…who needs that? I take nothing but what the creator created not man.

Answer by oncogenomics
It is sounds great but it is misguided. $ 1 million dollars is hardly enough money to seriously pursue a cancer treatment idea. Research is so expensive. Development of one single drug against one single type of cancer can easily cost billions.

That does not even go into the fact that cancer is not one disease but, hundreds perhaps thousands.

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