How Would You Handle a Prescription Drug Addict?

Question by Sabrina: How would you handle a prescription drug addict?
I am currently going through a tough situation, and would appreciate any support or kind words.

My Grandfather passed away last week. He served as my Father my entire life, and was a great man. He was always smiling, and I never saw him mad. I have been dealing with the grief from that situation, along with my Mom.

Another issue I am facing is the fact that I believe my Mother has a prescription pill addiction. She is constantly going to various doctors to get prescriptions, and she even has some of my Grandfather’s pills in our cupboard. They are numbered and named. She also has at least 3 different bottles of Nyquil.
I believe she has had this addiction for 10 years.

She has not been to work since October 10. I know everyone handles their grief differently, but I believe she is using this as an opportunity to acquire additional pills.
I am scared because she is out of work, and I am afraid she won’t be receiving any money for this time off.

My Grandparents constantly help her with our rent…etc. I also contribute, and give her $ 100 a month. I have to buy all my own groceries, while she puts her name on her groceries. She is always low on money, and she will miraculously acquire some illness every few months, so she gets out of work.
She has not been to work since October 10. I am very worried they will fire her. It’s great she has been there for my Grandma, but it really has me scared that she’s not working.

How would you cope? Am I wrong for being upset?

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Answer by Diane
No, you’re not wrong for being upset. You sound like a really level headed person and showing concern for your Mother.

If she’s been off work several times and seeking prescription drugs she may be a hypochondriac or that may be her way of dealing with life.

Tell her your concerns. I’m sure she’ll listen to you when she knows how concerned you are about her.

I’m sorry for your loss and hope you get through this.

Answer by Jennifer
Hi…Well I am also a prescription drug addict,I always will be.I’ve been sober now for almost 3 years.Your mother is grieving of course,but it’s not an excuse for addiction.All the addiction really does, is it hides the pain(so we think),we believe if we take the drugs,we don’t have to deal with the REAL issue at hand.Her fathers death.And, I’m deeply sorry for your loss!! Your NOT wrong for being upset or concerned,and as for your coping you can go to an al-anon group.These groups are for people who’s loved ones are addicts/alcoholics,these groups offer support,love and guidance.You can also exchange numbers with people there,that way if you happen to need any additional support you can simply call someone(from the number/s you got).It’s great that you contribute to the household bills(as you should),your mother should be confronted.Does your grandmother know whats going on? If so,she should be the 1 to say something to your mother.She might just listen to her own mother,now is the time to get some help for your mother.It’s still early in her addiction,the earlier the better.She will lose her job if she keeps this up,sorry to say.She MUST get help,if not..It’s only going to get much much much worse.I ONLY wish I could offer you more than just words.There is a medication for opiate addiction(pills/painkillers),but for most people,it’s for the long-term use of pain killers.But still,your mother may just qualify for this treatment.You can call,or better yet look this up on the internet,ok? Look up…Here to And, see what information you can find for your mother.This site is for opiate addiction and also for this medication that helps treat opiate addiction.Again…I’m terribly sorry for your loss and I hope that your mother gets the help she so desperately needs.GOD BLESS.

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