If Health Care Were to Be Free, How Could People Abuse the System?

Question by Nebula: If health care were to be free, how could people abuse the system?
I’m doing an essay for my english college class, and i’m just wondering: If health care was free, in what ways could people abuse the system?

I need examples/instances please! Thanks so much.

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Answer by Brother of Justus Joex
Koch Brother and there Cons puppets do not like to all Americans have health care.

Answer by Jo
It will never be “free”.There is the first thing they are teaching you that is wrong.
Chances are, if it were government run and we were all paying for it in our taxes, it would most likely be the caregivers that would abuse the system because they would still be getting paid on either a per person or per case basis.
If it were per person, they may acquire names and submit a claim saying they treated that person when they never did.
If it were a per case basis, they could just ramp up the diagnosis and treatment plan.
On the patient side, they could easily complain of pain, get drugs (included in plan) and re-sell on street at a profit.
Since we all would be paying for it, the dishonest ones would rationalize that what they were doing was okay.

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3 Responses to If Health Care Were to Be Free, How Could People Abuse the System?

  • eating pacman says:

    you mustn’t be from England, over here we have the National Health Service a.k.a NHS basically we pay an insurance kinda thing and we get free health care, everyone pays their way and we all pay an equal amount.

    some ways people can abuse free health care in the following ways:
    going to hospitals for free food and shelter claiming they are ill when they are not (this also can apply for jail/prison)
    claiming medication they do not need

    er, i thought i could come up with more than that, hope it helps anyway

  • emokidd says:

    they would hurt themselves on purpose and waste the time and money of the people that have to help these people for free when they could be helping the people that actually need help.

  • New York Chick says:

    Health care will not be “free”. Everyone will pay into the system…it is called “Socialized Medicine”. It will be government controlled. It is a good concept, if you like being told where to go for medical care, and if you like to be told what procedures you can and can’t have. They will be able to tell you when a medical procedure is not in order because you are too old, or when the person is not worth saving. A lovely concept, don’t you think?

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