Medicine Is Stagnating in Cancer Treatment and Research?

Question by : Medicine is stagnating in cancer treatment and research?
If you ask the typical layperson, he or she will say that medicine is doing wonders today in cancer treatment and research but the FDA published a ‘panic bulletin’ in 2008 noting that the number of new drug approval requests had declined for the first time since the approval process was established, and the typical patent attorney will tell you that the drug patenting laws are now inappropriate because they were designed to protect major therapeutic breakthroughs which are no longer happening.

The death rates for many forms of cancer have not improved significantly for decades at all.Well in short, medicine is stagnating, but the public is being told the opposite with cancer treatment and research.The cancer foundation and all non profit ,public and private sectors are getting whopping money that is outrageous for cancer treatment and research !!With little to no improvements at alll in the past 20 to 25 years.

What is going on?

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Answer by Will
NDA’s (New Drug Applications) are not filed nearly as much as they used to be because the research focus of many of the large pharmaceuticals are on hard-to-cure diseases in emerging markets such as the developing world. That, coupled with the fact that the business strategy of the larger pharmaceutical companies is to swallow up the smaller companies that have longer pipelines due to more recent patents on small-molecule drugs (as biologics are generally much more expensive to manufacture), contributes to the driving force behind the whole industry to avoid resource-hogging new drug research initiatives.

That, plus cancer is a bitch to cure, have you ever tried it?

Answer by Lexa
There’s NO MONEY IN CURES… only in treatment.

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  • finaldx says:

    This is not news to anyone who is in medicine. You are just having the emotional response desired by the media that provided the story.

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