Rehab Centers for Drug & Alcohol Addiction?

Question by : Rehab centers for drug & alcohol addiction?
My sister, who is 16. Is addicted to drugs and alcohol but mostly drugs. She doesn’t realize it but I read all the signs and she is one. She’s barely home and when she is she is getting high, when she’s away she’s drinking or doing drugs or both. She’s done weed. E. Shrooms & coke that I know of. She has over dosed twice already. And has been doing drugs and alcohol for a year, since she was 15, she’s turning 17 in Dec. She doesn’t have a job but my mom gives her a 20$ weekly allowance(which I think she shouldnt give to support her habit)Since my mom won’t do anything, I wanna find a rehab center for her, where you don’t need the person addicted concent. I live in Winnipeg Manitoba and would like one where she lives there until she is better. How much will it cost? And what is the number so I can call & ask questions?


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Answer by Jennifer Howser
First off, you need to speak to a professional. A professional will tell you if your sister is really an addict and will tell you what options are available to you. She can most likely get free assistance living in Canada, but it depends where. Unfortunately, you tend to have to pay for the good places, but it’s worth it since it means recovering.

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