Rehab or Substance Abuse Program?

Question by : Rehab or Substance abuse program?
I don’t know anything about either. But my husband is a felon, and on probation. He apparently has been doing stuff lately. He is being accused of stealing. Don’t know if he did, or not…

He wants rehab… He wants to be done with this. He’s done great for so long (I think peer pressure has a lot to do with it) Because he has been clean for 2 years…

I don’t know if how this will go, but it doesn’t look good. My husband truly is a good guy, he’s been taking crunchbars lately, and he doesn’t remember anything… He’s just got a bad problem.

He wants rehab, but I’m wondering what would be better for him? Rehab or SAP? What is the benefits? What’s the cost? Are they basically the same program? Would one benefit him better than the other, if so, which one?

Does anyone know anything about stuff like this? My husband isn’t a thief, which is why I find it so hard to bel
My husband has passed several random drug test. His PO has come to our house a couple times, and he’s passed, when he goes there, he passes. Lately, he’s been noticeably messed up for people who can realize that…

Not all drug attics are bad people, that’s why there are so many past drug attics who now are doing great…
Also, since you are so involved in looking things up. Look up side effects of zanax/crunchbars, especially if abused. One of the biggest side effects is loss of memory while taking them… Either way, he wants help. It would be nice to know that someone does care about helping others… My husband has recognized his problem, he’s admitted (and he’s a very stubborn person) and he wants help. That’s always a start. Kindness is a virtue… You would feel otherwise, if it was a loved one… And, you knew that loved one was a good person…

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Answer by jim
Drug addicts lie. I don’t believe he’s been clean.

He steals candy and doesn’t remember. That’s got to be a lie.

Answer by TheCrazedOne
If your husband actually wants to try to get help I applaud your desire to try to help him find treatment. However I am going to warn you from experience that it will be a long hard struggle ahead of you. You must also prepare yourself for the fact that he might not get better.

You also have to prepare yourself for the person that the drug creates. An addict will tell any lie, do anything, or cheat anybody for the drug. You will not know your husband anymore. He will tell you that it is all your fault and that you are making it up. This path is going to crush you too. In addition to finding treatment for your husband you need to find a support group or counseling for yourself as well.

I don’t know anything about SAP, but your husband does need help. He’s blacking out and is having trouble with the law, then he has a serious drug problem. It sounds as if inpatient treatment will be required for someone as bad as he is to start out with. Here in Missouri the inpatient treatment will also help with the probation problem. Melissa and Whitney were both allowed to stay out on probation as long as they completed an inpatient program.

In Missouri the state grants subsidies to treatment centers and the rehab center will offer free treatment, however there is often a waiting list on these centers. You have to call every morning to see if there is a bed available. If there is an opening you have to be the first one there to get the spot. These centers will often accept Medicaid, private insurance, or have a sliding income payment programs.

There are also outpatient treatment programs. Danielle went to a methadone clinic. There she would receive a daily dose of methadone that was supposed to help ween her off of the other drugs. They also provided a psychologist to talk to. I was paying out of pocket for that one and it cost me $ 110 a week.

When I went to look for treatment options I tried to google treatment facilities and went to the police station to see if they had a list of clinics. In the end I went to the hospital. In my case it was Cox North, which is part of a major metropolitan hospital system that has two large hospitals and tons of smaller local clinics and urgent care centers all around the area. The hospital had an outpatient treatment center but they also had a list of every inpatient center in Missouri as well as northern Arkansas. They helped to call around and see if there were any open beds in the area. They also helped refer aftercare treatment and outpatient treatment until a bed opened up.

Hopefully this helps you. I pray that you find the help you need to save your husband. Please also take care of yourself when you go through this.

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