Road to Recovery July: Recovery and the Media


Road to Recovery July: Recovery and the Media – Road to Recovery July: Recovery and the Media: Addiction and Treatment in Entertainment and News Popular media influences public attitudes and opinions concerning addiction, treatment and recovery issues. Addiction is depicted throughout the entertainment industry, in both news and magazine articles about celebrities’ drug and/or alcohol use and their time in rehab facilities and addiction; and in treatment, and recovery storylines in movies and television shows. This episode will examine how addiction, treatment and recovery have been portrayed historically and where we are today. This show will look at the importance of the media in portraying factual information and depiction of addiction, treatment and recovery issues and the negative effects of publishing/airing stories and shows which glamorize use, promote inaccurate and discriminatory public attitudes, and discourage individuals to seek help. Please visit for more information. To view the video, please visit Comments on this video are allowed in accordance with the HHS and Recovery Month comment policies:


Study: Aspirin may treat certain types of colon cancer; a gene-targeted drug

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NEW YORK – Aspirin, one of the world's oldest and cheapest drugs, has shown remarkable promise in treating colon cancer in people with mutations in a gene that's thought to play a role in the disease. Among patients with the mutations, those who …
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Beyond Traditional Drugs: Investments In Stem Cell, Medical Devices And Agent

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U-T San Diego recently carried an article on San Diego-based biotech company OncoSec Medical (ONCS.OB), which is pioneering a non-invasive treatment for cancer that replaces resection (surgery) or chemotherapy. These traditional treatment methods …
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