Serious Question: Should Drugs Like Crack, Meth, Heroin, and Marijuana Be Available at the Corner Drug Store?

Question by John L: Serious Question: Should drugs like Crack, Meth, Heroin, and Marijuana be available at the corner drug store?
I am NOT endorsing recreational drug abuse. I think it is a waste of a life to be an addict. I just think if you are an addict or if you are young and want to experiment, you are going to get the drug so easily. Shouldn’t it be a safer product that benefits someone other than gangs and international drug growers and terrorists and smugglers?

Parents need to take responsibility for their kids and teach them the dangers of drugs just like with alcohol, trans fat, crossing the street, etc. We need to STOP believing that just because there are laws against drugs, our kids can’t get them.

Lets face it: school age kids can NOW get their hands on illegal drugs easier than cigarettes. If kids want to experiment with drugs, they can get them no so easy. I’d rather trust the pharmacist at Rite-aid to say no to my kid then the drug pusher or gang banger.

Tax money could be directed to high risk kids and free treatment! Drug Dealers & Gang Bangers put instantly out of business!
Wow- So many people in agreement. (or at least not in disagreement). I’m a little suprised. I kind of expected to be flamed by at least half. And some really thoughtful answers. I’ll be hard to pick a best answer here.

Best answer:

Answer by jdc591
only weed

Answer by jonjon418

All the illegality of drugs does right now is make cartels millions while giving our politicians an easy, symbolic, pointless issue on which to grandstand every election year.

If anybody honestly wants to argue that the legalization of drugs would lead to mass addiction, he first has to explain why we’re not all alcoholics. You think your grandma’s going to run out and buy a crack pipe on the big day? You think the current illegality actually stops anybody who wants to do drugs from doing them? Prohibition doesn’t work. Never has, never will.

When I was in HS, we smoked weed rather than drinking – because it was easier to get! Get it? Sure, we had to expose ourselves to the criminal element, but it was a guaranteed sale!

Many people will admit these facts with regard to marijuana. The real reason it’s still illegal is, of course, politics and vested interests. Until the pharmaceutical industry figures out a way to improve upon the bong hit, it’s in its interest to keep the competition prosecutable; meanwhile hemp fiber from a legalized plant is a threat to the paper and textile industries. And, of course, there’s nothing a campaigning politician relishes more than the chance to appear “proactive” to voting old ladies by promising to ratchet up the “Drug War” in his district.

But I’d extend legalization to ALL drugs on the same principles of common sense. 1) Drug illegality stops nobody from using drugs. 2) Drug legality encourages nobody to start using drugs who wouldn’t have started anyway. 3) Most of the violence associated with drugs is actually a direct consequence of their illegality. 4) The “black market” for drugs makes dangerous criminals extremely wealthy and powerful. 5) Legalized drugs can be taxed and regulated.

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