Struggling With an Addiction?

Question by : struggling with an addiction?
I gave my life to Christ I go to church I read and know the bible well every time I THINK I’m delivered from drugs I always keep going back I have asked God to take the taste out of my mouth I just wondering will he ever do it

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Answer by pmaxu
I suggest therapy. It doesn’t work for everyone, but I have seen it work.

Answer by no1home2day
But what’s your question?

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3 Responses to Struggling With an Addiction?

  • Auntie Anne Arkey says:

    Maybe you need to take your life back and actually take responsibility for it.

  • Caramel B. says:

    Are you a born again christian and trying to kick a bad habit or someone who need God to help you be delivered from this addiction? Because God know your heart I don’t. Going to church is not going to help you with your drugs. God teaches that he no longer is blesssing the chcurches. So, by going there you are not praying to the Lord. I don’t know what God is doing in your life. I just know that if you ar a christan and trying to kick that habit, he will answer the prayer when he is ready. I know this, God is not our foo! I hope you are able to let this addiction go. That actor just died from an over dose, I hope you don’t end up the same way.

  • OURScott says:

    If you’re waiting on God and Christ to cure your addiction you’re going to be stoned and struggling the rest of your life.
    I too struggled, I’ve been in five addiction treatments, the first four based on AA and help from God or a higher power didn’t work.
    The fifth, a secular program put the responsibility of addiction on me and it worked….

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