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I Have to Find Addiction Treatment Centers in Holtsville, New York, for People With Prescription Drug Addictio

Question by aja np: I have to find addiction treatment centers in Holtsville, New York, for people with prescription drug addictio
This is because my cousin is an ambien addict and I would like to help her get herself treated, if only by finding a treatment center for her. I… Continue reading

Onondaga County Has More Drugaddicted Newborns

Onondaga County has more drugaddicted newborns
Onondaga County is trying to bring down the high number of babies born with drug related problems. A hotline, 315 218-1965, is aimed at getting pregnant & using women to help for unborn babies / Photojournalist Andy Wolf …
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Is the Detox Process at Harbour Village Florida Really Useful ?

Question by Damian: Is the Detox Process at Harbour village florida really useful ?

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Answer by Brad Heyden
A safe, effective way for an addict to recover is to check in to a detox center like Harbor Village where he/she can recover through a medically supervised drug or… Continue reading

Laredo Drug Rehab Announces New Video on Updated Substance Abuse

Laredo Drug Rehab Announces New Video on Updated Substance Abuse
A Laredo drug rehab center is launching a new video that details updated services offered through Drug Addiction Treatment Centers. This video goes into descriptive terms and offers information on where and how to get help for drug dependency… Continue reading

Selena Gomez Dumps Rehab Like Justin Bieber Dumped Her

Selena Gomez Dumps Rehab Like Justin Bieber Dumped Her
TMZ reports that the Come & Get It singer checked into The Meadows a drug and alcohol rehab center in Arizona that also specializes in dealing with emotional trauma. Reasons for the young singer checking herself into rehab vary. Some say… Continue reading

How Does Tolerance Relate to Addiction?

Question by confuszed…: How does tolerance relate to addiction?
Any help will greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
This a question I’m puzzled on in my ASD110 Drugs and Behavior An Introduction to Behavioral Pharmacology class. Please don’t use this as a points reward and just post any thing.

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Mental Healty Treatment Facility?

Question by barbaraissa: Mental Healty Treatment Facility?
Anyone know of a recovery center that deals with dual diagnosis but mostly the mental health part? Any that I find cost $ 30k+…….that’s enough to drive anyone crazy…sorry, bad joke!

I hear that the mental health care system here in Arizona is… Continue reading

Amazon's Bogus Anti-Apple Crusade

Amazon's bogus anti-Apple crusade
The gifted litigator works in a blue-gray steel building designed by one of Seattle's native sons, Minoru Yamasaki (also the architect of the World Trade Center in Manhattan). He built the tower atop an … Berman's analysis used price as a means of …
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Alcohol Rehab Anaheim CA

Alcohol Rehab Anaheim CA — http://alcoholrehabanaheimca.com – By definition, an alcoholic is an individual heavily dependent on alcohol. Owing to the long-term effects of the addiction…

Planned luxury rehab for Red Hook worries locals
“We went through many years of seeing drug addicts on the street and we had a… Continue reading

It's 2014 — Time to Stop Smoking

It's 2014 — time to stop smoking
In fact, these e-cigarettes may just be another way to stay addicted. All of the major cigarette … The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has determined that the use of e-cigarettes has been doubling over the past several years, even …… Continue reading