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Drug Rehab Information?

Question by Jenny D AKA Rottweiler Azz ?: Drug Rehab Information?
I’m doing research for a story I’m writing; I’m just getting to the part where my two main characters end up in rehab together, but I want to present it accurately. Any insight would be helpful as far as… Continue reading

What Do You Know About Chris Farley?

Question by rosesbloom7: What do you know about Chris Farley?

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Answer by satya
funny fat guy

Answer by Kepeli

Inpatient Treatment Alternative — for 30 days of treatment – quality affordable inpatient treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. Visit or www.dependencysolu…

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What Do Drug Rehab Inpatient Centers Cost?

Question by MzLeen: What do drug rehab inpatient centers cost?
I have a loved one that needs rehab in the worst way. They need inpatient care. but there is no insurance and not much money. I am trying to get a typical cost for these places. I have tried to… Continue reading

I Am Seeking a Drug Inpatient Treatment Center in Indpls In?

Question by daisy: I am seeking a drug inpatient treatment center in Indpls In?
My adult son is addicted to cocaine and heroine. He was admitted to a rehab program, but broke one of their rules and was made to leave. He has no insurance and no money so we… Continue reading

Making an Exhibition of Myself Can Heal Wounds

Making an exhibition of myself can heal wounds
After Room 101, Dale was invited to exhibit at Anno Domini Gallery in San José, California, and spent a gap year studying abstract art at California State University in Longbeach. This week a three-month solo exhibition featuring 17 of his newest …… Continue reading

Trace Adkins Fights Trace Adkins' Impersonator

Trace Adkins fights Trace Adkins' impersonator
The website said once the boat docked in Jamaica, Adkins headed off to rehab. Adkins and the … The former "Celebrity Apprentice" has reportedly dealt with alcohol issues for more than two decades and sought inpatient treatment in December 2001 …
Read more on… Continue reading

Are There Any Low-Cost Drug Treatment Programs in Oregon?

Question by abbie f: Are there any low-cost drug treatment programs in Oregon?
My family is really low on cash at the moment, and I want to help my parents by finding a low-cost drug rehab center or drug treatment program for my younger brother who has gotten himself involved… Continue reading

Drug Charges Dropped for California Treasurer Bill Lockyer's Wife

Drug charges dropped for California Treasurer Bill Lockyer's wife
"She has already completed a very rigorous and long-term program — much, much longer than the normal diversion program — including a substantial amount of in-patient treatment," Stokke wrote. "She is happy and will continue in her efforts in …
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Can You Force an Adult in Indiana Legally to Go Into Rehab or Go to Jail?

Question by Chloe: Can you force an adult in Indiana legally to go into rehab or go to jail?
I’m fearful of losing my 31-year-old boyfriend to a very serious Heroin addiction. I think he deep down inside wants to get better. He has done very little though to find… Continue reading

HELP! Financial Aid for Drug Rehab?

Question by NFL Legend: HELP! Financial Aid for Drug Rehab?
I have a drug problem, pain pills. I know I need rehab, it’s been a habit for several years now and I know I need professional inpatient treatment.

Within these last several years I have also ran into financial problems,… Continue reading