This Morning on the Today Show, a Story About Lindsay Lohan Aired at 9:04 AM CST. How Is She Considered “news”?

Question by endangered Species: This morning on the Today show, a story about Lindsay Lohan aired at 9:04 AM CST. How is she considered “news”?
Moreover, Kim Kardasian is also considered top grade “news”. Lohan is in the spot light for using drugs, rebelling against authority, and being well – never mind – I have no right to judge. Young ladys in our society see these glamour queens and are compelled by news and popular media to idolize them. Remember when Britney Spears was hauled away in an ambulance strapped down in a strait jacket to the drug rehab / crazy house ? This is the image popular media forces on our young people.

Why can’t women and men who actually make a difference in society, say like some one who helps cancer patients or a soldier who has earned a medal of honor fighting for this country be put on the pedestal rather than these hussys ?

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Answer by Hector Frodo
The Today Show is entertainment with a short news segment. They do not claim to be a News program.

Answer by Astro Smurf
Obviously, given the massive missive above, it was topical news that lingers on in later discussion. Further, it certainly isn’t “political”, either, but why let small details interfere with hysterical rants

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