Will McCains Wife Promote Anti-Drugs?

Question by unsure_one: Will McCains wife promote anti-drugs?
Since she had narcotics addiction and stole drugs? That might make a great role for her. Or do you think the campaign will continue to evade that?

source: http://www.salon.com/news/feature/1999/10/18/drugs/print.html
Stealing the drugs is a felony I believe.

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Answer by rukidding
Yeah, right next to Obama with a white, powdery mustache. Do you people think before you write these kinds of questions?

Answer by Pat M
She is a Druggie no doubt about it and she stole drugs from war vets.

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9 Responses to Will McCains Wife Promote Anti-Drugs?

  • Eraserhead says:

    Most of us would do jail time for that offense, what garbage.
    But I don’t think it will make her an anti drug crusader.

  • T C says:

    Her and El Rushbo make fine Republican examples for the children of America.

  • Sharon V says:

    No but feel quite sure looking at her she would promote, juvedurm, botox, implants and lazer peels, had to do all after she stole drugs, got hooked and of course got off…money and a senator husband helped I am sure.

    Those are all youth enhancing treatments in case someone did’t know what they are, hehe

  • midcenturydesigner says:

    Will Obama’s wife promote “pride and love of her country”?

  • Jules says:

    Obama and Clinton have done drugs too! I think they still smoke that reefer!

  • taipan888 says:

    I think it is irrelevant. Bush snorted coke, Clinton smoked dope, apparently there is a photo of the two of them partying together. Al Gore has seen the photo, it is real. And then there is the Oval Office bl*wjob. I am sure it isn’t the first one. Nancy Reagan and Frank Sinatra. Goodness knows how many times while Kennedy was there. Gay prostitutes permitted into the White House under Bush #1. The list goes on and on. Are you suggesting that your leaders be drawn from the perfect among you? Show me one.

  • you rang says:

    Will Obama go back to snorting cocaine after he loses .
    See when you open a door you better know what is behind it.
    I guess she has as about the same chance as Obama does.

    Well if you want to talk about felons I believe to lie while under oath falls into that catagory so if a former President can be
    tried and convicted and still be popular to the liberals you
    should have no problem with MRS. McCain oh by the way
    this was not the first felon Bill Clinton was guilty of.
    Would you like to try door number three?

  • mtr says:

    i don’t know but i don’t want her as the first mistress if Mccain is elected so i say no to McBush in 08! and to answer your question they might try to evade that.

  • Rev Jim Jones says:

    Will Obama;s wife promote racial harmony?

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