I Need the Best and Affordable Dermatologist in Manila Area…..details?

Question by confused891: I need the best and affordable dermatologist in manila area…..details?
I live in tondo,manila and I have been to different dermatologists in the metropolis san juan de dios hospital, manila doctors hospital, skin health clinic in sm san lazaro….please give me specific details who where and how much is the base consultation fee and the products more or less if it will be my first visit how much would it all cost with the products..

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Answer by Anything But Me
i dont live in manila sorry

Answer by aj
Im from NYC and there, going to the dermatologist is free. Its free because of insurance and products are free as well. Make sure you get insurance because it enables you to not hestiate but rather act knowing that your skin problems won’t hurt your wallet. I saved $ 8000 U.S. dollars (340,640.00 PHP) on my treatment for severe acne by doing that. The best part is that I’m sure you can do the same in Manila too. Don’t waste your money on store products other than for your moisturizing needs since many give different reactions. You should have stated what you needed to see the dermatologist for so we can be given a better picture of what the best dermatologist is for you. Some don’t accept insurance so make sure to call first. Just look up their phone numbers either through the internet or phone book. The best dermatologists are:

1. Vinson Pineda – Dr. Vinson Pineda is noted as the Father of Philippine Dermatology. He has been the moving force behind Dermclinic, the Philippines’ leading chain of dermatology centers nationwide. He is best known for his milestone works on Minoxidil – a world-renowned hair-restorer and Tretinoin – a scientifically proven remedy for wrinkles and acne. He is also among the first to introduce the cosmetic use of Botox in the Philippines.

2. Sylvia Huang – Sylvia Huang is a respected dermatologist and beauty expert in the Philippines. She specializes in severe acne problems and has a long line of patients in her clinic in Greenhills, San Juan, Manila.

3. Vicky Belo – Vicky Belo is a cosmetic and marketing pioneer in the Philippines. She is considered very pricey.

4. Filomena Montinola – Sixty-five years old Filomena Montinola is considered an institution in dermatology in the Philippines. A general dermatologist, she specializes in acne, skin peeling, and botox psoriasis. She is the chairman of the Department of Dermatology in Asian Hospital and Medical Center.

5. Manny Calayan – Manny Calayan is one of the country’s most prominent cosmetic surgeons for celebrities and socialites. He specializes in cosmetic surgery such as noselifts, eyebags removal, liposuction, breast enlargement, among others.

6. Gio Dimayuga – Gio Dimayuga is a Makati Medical Center trained dermatologist. He specializes in dermatology involving botox, acne, lasers, minor cospmetic surgery except liposuction. He practices in Makati Medical Center, Medical Plaza ,Asian Hospital and Medical Center, and Beverly Hills Medical Group.

7. Pie Calayan- Dra. Pie Calayan is the chief dermatologist and is the other half of the popular husband-and-wife tandem behind the Calayan Surgicenter. Trained in Makati Medical Center, Dr. Pie Calayan specializes in skin hair and nails treatment as well as slimming and whitening treatments.

8. Aser Acosta – Described as a meticulous plastic surgeon, Aser Acosta specializes surgery involving liposuction, tummy tuck. He practices in Makati Medical Center.

9. Atoy Manalo – Atoy Manalo is a University of the Philippines graduate and a plastic surgeon in the Philippines. He practices in Makati Medical Center, Asian Hospital and Medical Center, University of the Philippines- Philippine General Hospital and Beverly Hills 6750 Skin Institute.

10. Elsie Floreza – Specializing in lasers, general dermatology, dermatopathology, Elsie Floreza is a respected dermatologist in the Philippines. She practices skin readings in Makati Medical Center and St. Luke’s Medical Center.

11. Jasmin Jamora – US trained dermapathologist, Jasmin Jamora does laser and basic dermatology but not liposuction. She has clinics in Batangas St., Makati, Makati Medical Center, and St. Luke’s Medical Center.

12. Cherie Blas – Cherie Blas is a dermatologist trained in Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center. She is into lasers and practices in Asian Hospital and Medical Center and St. Luke’s Medical Center.

13. Isabel Nazal – Isabel Nazal is a dermatology specialist doing lasers and lipodissolve which is minimally invasive. She has her skin clinic in Medical Plaza, Makati City.

I’m going to the Philippines with my parents and siblings for the first time since I was a baby next year to see the rest of my family for the first time.
If your problem is acne, just add a comment so that I can read it and tell you what you should get. Just ask your doctor to prescribe it. The comment option should be under the edit tab under your question.

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