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How Exciting Is This News Regarding Cancer Research?

Question by Not so looney afterall: How exciting is this news regarding Cancer research?
A million dollar prize for the person who comes up with the best new idea to treat or cure cancer…

More info. is in this yahoo article:;_ylt=Al8nz8K3I8Uj_ePPe74_qEbVJRIF

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When Connecting With a Dentist Doesn't Mean an Office Visit

When Connecting With A Dentist Doesn't Mean An Office Visit
Funded for now by grants from non-profits, trade associations and others, the “Virtual Dental Home Demonstration Project” has been launched in 50 locations throughout the state, including Pacoima, Santa Monica, San Jose, Santa Cruz, East Palo Alto, San …
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Drug Treatment San Diego | Alcohol Rehab San Diego | Drug Treatment San Diego

Drug Treatment San Diego | Alcohol Rehab San Diego | Drug Treatment San Diego — Alcohol, drug, and pharmaceuticals dependency treatment at Drug Treatment San Diego comprises of detox, therapy, sober li…

Cancer clinical trials reinvented
The success rate of new cancer drugs can be boosted by testing them… Continue reading

Can Someone Tell Me About Rapamycin and Treatment of Cancer?

Question by Kevin7: can someone tell me about rapamycin and treatment of cancer?

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Answer by Ted H
Sirolimus (INN/USAN), also known as rapamycin, is an immunosuppressant drug used to prevent rejection in organ transplantation. Recently, sirolimus was shown to inhibit the progression of dermal Kaposi’s… Continue reading

Developing a New Drug

Developing a new drug — Developing a new prostate cancer drug: the story of Abiraterone. Scientists at The Institute of Cancer Research in London describe their discovery and develo…

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A Wake Up Call for Abortion-Breast Cancer Awareness

A wake up call for abortion-breast cancer awareness
One of the largest organizations that supports breast cancer research is the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, yet it is also one of the largest donors to Planned Parenthood, an organization that through performing millions of abortions largely …
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If You Have Been to Cabo San Lucas, What Is Fun to Do While Their Besides Drugs and Alcohol?

Question by ghost: If you have been to Cabo San Lucas, what is fun to do while their besides drugs and alcohol?

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Answer by wmayers99
I was so unimpressed I left after an hour!

Answer by cabochick23
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How Long Does Treatment Take for Addiction


How Long Does Treatment take for Addiction – How long does treatment take for addiction? Doctor Steven Ey, MD discuses how long treatment for addiction takes. Treatment of addiction really is not a ques…


Erectile Dysfunction Drugs May Prevent Colon Cancer

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Christian Alcohol Treatment Reaches Out to New York, New York


Christian Alcohol Treatment Reaches out to New York, New York – Transformations Treatment Center is a substance abuse rehabilitation that offers both tradi…


Donnie McClurkin

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On Monday, Attorney General Eric Holder (pictured) announced his “Smart on Crime” initiative, calling for major… Continue reading

Dr. Jeff Stuckert Video Press Kit


Dr. Jeff Stuckert Video Press Kit – Dr. Stuckert serves as the Medical Director of The Ridge, a residential addiction treatment program near Cincinnati and knows that the abuse of alcohol and i…


Fox Disregards Medical Research Budget Cuts To Ridicule Senator Reid

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