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Correction: Canada-Toronto Mayor

Correction: Canada-Toronto Mayor
The mayor's brother, Doug Ford, told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. that Ford would enter a 30-day inpatient treatment at one of the best rehab facilities in North America but he declined to name the location. Morris said the 30 days could be extended …
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Court Mandated Drug Rehab Programs?

Question by hummingbird: court mandated drug rehab programs?
So i was researching programs that might have involuntarily inpatient rehab centers for my mom. Mostly because i had heard someone talking about how they got their son in law to go to rehab only by having these people take him by… Continue reading

Drug Rehab Centers That Dont Cost an Arm and Leg?

Question by P: drug rehab centers that dont cost an arm and leg?
im looking for affordable drug treatment centers down south or out west. ive talked to a few but they cost too much money. i only have 10 grand to play around with and i need a place… Continue reading

A Cure for Physician Shortage? ; Nurse Practitioners in Florida Would Be Given

A cure for physician shortage? ; Nurse practitioners in Florida would be given
They served as directors for medical or nursing services and as commanding officers in military medical treatment facilities and directed medical and nursing operations throughout the Department of Defense , Briscoe said. And they were not… Continue reading

– San Jose Santa Clara Water Pollution Treatment Plant Tour -5

– San Jose Santa Clara Water Pollution Treatment Plant tour -5 — http://www.tiltul.com/ – TilTul saves time by activating each search in parallel on your selected sites directly from your browser, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Wiki…

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Berkeley CA Treatment Center Call (855) 912-7867 Drug Rehab Center Berkeley CA

Berkeley CA Treatment Center Call (855) 912-7867 Drug Rehab Center Berkeley CA — http://alcoholrehabstreatment.com/ Drug addiction Treatment Centers for Liquor and Drugs Picking the treatment center that would best match the requirements …

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Drug Rehab Oceanside CA

Drug Rehab Oceanside CA — http://drugrehaboceansideca.com / – Drug rehabilitation gives the dependent individual a new lease of life. Effective rehab is the only solution for alcoholi…

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I Am Looking for Rehab Centers in Sanger, California. How?

Question by debra t: I am looking for rehab centers in Sanger, California. How?
I’ve been planning to write a blog article about the status of Sanger and its campaign against drug addiction. I want to convey a factual and clear message to the communities in the area. This is… Continue reading

Drug Tests in California?

Question by Blackb3lt: Drug tests in California?
Are you subject to drug tests from an employer if you have a prescription for medical marijuana?

Best answer:

Answer by the01animal
u r still subject to them but an allowance shoud be made for the prescriptions u have

Answer by jafnarf
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What’s Going to Happen to Him?

Question by .x.X._Cay_.X.x.: what’s going to happen to him?
so one of my friends got caught on july 31st with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia-both class c misdemeanors. He is only 17 and he got caught in illinois. High school hasn’t even started. I was just wondering if he… Continue reading