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Breaking the Surprise News of Going to Residential Drug Treatment to Fiance?

Question by foxydiva909: Breaking the surprise news of going to residential drug treatment to fiance?
My fiance and I have been together on and off for 5 yrs. now, share a house and a child together as well. ALthough he knew from the start that I used the drug meth… Continue reading

Free or Inexpensive Teen Residential Drug Rehab?

Question by mom of 5: free or inexpensive teen residential drug rehab?
does anyone know of a free or low cost residential drug rehab for teens in or between the galveston tx and houston tx area if so please reply asap thank you

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Answer by chieromancer
i just… Continue reading

Texas Holistic Drug Rehab

Texas Holistic Drug Rehab — Ripple Recovery Ranch is a residential drug & alcohol rehabilitation facility that specializes in the treatment of substance ab…

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DRUGS – My 21 Yr Old Daughter Has Relapsed. She Went Thru Drug Treatment Program?

Question by coral6803: DRUGS – My 21 yr old daughter has relapsed. She went thru drug treatment program?
and now lives with me. I found marij in her car . She is bipolar and will not take her med. I have another daughter that is 8. I am so stressed,… Continue reading

What Is the Most Laid Back Drug Rehab Center in Oregon?

Question by Ellen: What is the most laid back Drug Rehab Center in Oregon?
I am looking for a residential substance abuse program that works. I am an adult female who struggles with opiate addiction. Not to say that is the point. Anyways I would prefer to attend one where… Continue reading

Residential Drug Rehab Fairfield County Call 203-307-2335 for Alcohol Rehab, Detox CT

Residential Drug Rehab Fairfield County Call 203-307-2335 For Alcohol Rehab, Detox CT — Residential Drug Rehab Fairfield County Call 203-307-2335 For Alcohol Rehab, Detox CT. Delray Recovery Center is locate…

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What to Pack for Residential Treatment?

Question by Leah F: What to pack for residential treatment?

Okay so I’m going to a residential treatment for behavior and mental health, I’ve been their before but can’t remember what I brought. I’m going to be there for 3-6 months. So… Continue reading

US Jobs, GM Recall, Japan, ECB: Week Ahead March 29-April 5

US Jobs, GM Recall, Japan, ECB: Week Ahead March 29-April 5
The American College of Cardiology holds its 63rd annual scientific sessions highlighting the latest research about heart disease and potential treatments. Late-stage studies of experimental cholesterol drugs including Amgen Inc.'s AMG 145 are among …
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Oakley: Council Sets Rules for Parolee Housing Facilities

Oakley: Council sets rules for parolee housing facilities
The Oakley City Council on Tuesday unanimously embraced a proposed ordinance that sets rules for those who want to operate a residential facility for former inmates. … While state law requires cities to allow group homes for other segments of the …… Continue reading

I Know Someone Who Is Addicted to Meth and Needs Help. How Much Does Inpatient/residential Drug Rehab Cost?

Question by Link: I know someone who is addicted to meth and needs help. How much does inpatient/residential drug rehab cost?

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Answer by impurrfect10
It all depends if they have insurance and what type of insurance. Some will pay for the entire rehab and others will only pay… Continue reading