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Addiction Medicine CME Program – Kay Roussos-Ross, MD

Addiction Medicine CME Program – Kay Roussos-Ross, MD — Opioids in Pregnancy, An Alarming Trend Florida Recovery Center Gainesville, FL UF Psychiatry, Addiction Medicine.

Remarks of Karol V. Mason at the National African American Drug Policy
The National African American Drug Policy Coalition has been working for over a… Continue reading

My Brother Has a Major Drug Problem, Does Anyone Know of a Good Treatment Center in Florida That Is Low Cost?

Question by : My brother has a major drug problem, Does anyone know of a good treatment center in Florida that is low cost?
My brother is 30 years old and has been an addict since he was 13. Over this time period I would say he’s collectively had about… Continue reading

Why Do Illegals Get Prefered Treatment When Arrested the Police Refuse to Even Enter Their Name in a Data Base?

Question by Maricopa County: Why do illegals get prefered treatment when arrested the police refuse to even enter their name in a data base?
Why do illegal get preferred treatment when arrested the police refuse to enter their name in a data base and so does this mean illegals are… Continue reading

Dr. Hallowell MD Talks About Drug Free Therapy for ADHD, Dyslexia and Other Learning Difficulties

Dr. Hallowell MD Talks About Drug Free Therapy for ADHD, Dyslexia and other Learning Difficulties — Listen as Dr. Hallowell discusses the merit of alternative and complementary treatments for ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning difficulties. Learn about gett…

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St. Louis Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Abuse

St. Louis Treatment for drug and alcohol abuse — Midwest Institute for Addiciton is a top St. Louis treatment center offering the very best in therapy and care. MIA is evidence based, medically assisted, ou…

Danforth Center's “Conversations” Series Continues
St. Louis, MO, March 29, 2014 –(PR.com)– The Donald Danforth… Continue reading

Why Is Marijuana a Schedule I Drug?

Question by : Why is marijuana a Schedule I drug?
Schedule one drugs have
1. high potential for abuse (marijuana is not at all addicting)
2. and no medical value (marijuana has plenty of medicinal value, from helping your appetite to glaucoma)

or was it removed from schedule I and… Continue reading

Christians Answer This Questions?

Question by Angel Of D: christians answer this questions?
well Im christian and Im against gay marriage and abortion but Im for stem cell Research I mean you get the thing from miscarriages so its already dead so its not killing its just experimenting on a dead body pretty much… Continue reading

What Bills Made the Cut in Georgia's 2014 Legislative Session?

What bills made the cut in Georgia's 2014 legislative session?
HB 707: It would bar any state or local government or agency from operating a health care exchange or navigator program allowed under the Affordable Care Act. It would make it illegal for any public employee or agency to use… Continue reading

Will I Qualify for WI Assistance Programs if I Am Doing Outpatient Drug Treatment?

Question by *Astrid*: Will I qualify for WI Assistance Programs if I am doing outpatient drug treatment?
I used to work as a fulltime graphic designer, my hours have been reduced to half of what they were. I was told I may qualify for the Wisconsin FoodShare program and energy/heat… Continue reading

Alcohol Detoxification New Jersey

Alcohol Detoxification New Jersey — http://alcoholdetoxcenter.com/ – The Detox Center makes the most frightening steps of getting sober, the easy part of recovery! Our staff at the The Detox Ce…

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