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County Jail Offers Rehab Course for Prostitutes

County Jail Offers Rehab Course for Prostitutes — After several run-ins with the law and facing a potentially decades-long sentence behind bars, Kathryn Griffin abandoned a life of prostitution and drug use….

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SAMHSA’s Recovery Support Strategic Initiative, CODI, & PATH and HMIS

SAMHSA’s Recovery Support Strategic Initiative, CODI, & PATH and HMIS — This video features three presentations focusing on SAMHSA’s Recovery Support Strategic Initiative, the Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disord…

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Curtis Trotter: Addiction: Why Can't They Just Stop?

Curtis Trotter: Addiction: Why can't they just stop?
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's national survey on drug use and health reports, 23.5 million people 12 years of age and older needed treatment for an illicit drug or alcohol abuse problem in 2009, and of the individuals… Continue reading

Drug Addiction Treatment Centers That Offer Outpatient Counseling.

Drug addiction treatment centers that offer outpatient counseling. — (856) 302-7023 http://rehabafterwork.com/ Drug addiction treatment centers that offer outpatient counseling. The founding principle of our company is that of helping people and their families…

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Does the Trader Joes in San Jose Ca Drug Test New Employees ?

Question by suckathong: Does the Trader Joes in San Jose Ca drug test new employees ?
Just a little Curious

Best answer:

Answer by old school – again mfer
nice dining out question, druggie.

Answer by Derrick S
Yes they do. As do most companies nowadays.

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How Would You Handle a Prescription Drug Addict?

Question by Sabrina: How would you handle a prescription drug addict?
I am currently going through a tough situation, and would appreciate any support or kind words.

My Grandfather passed away last week. He served as my Father my entire life, and was a great man. He was always smiling,… Continue reading

What Treatment Center?

Question by : What treatment center?
hi I’m a 19 year old female who has been secretly suffering from anorexia and bulimia for about 4 years. I have decided it’s time to tell my parents and receive treatment but I don’t know which treatment center is right for me. I… Continue reading

Are There Any Available Addiction Treatment Programs in Iowa?

Question by lito lapid: Are there any available addiction treatment programs in Iowa?
We were given an assignment about people who are addicted to drugs. I’m really interested in the assignment and I figured that it will be better if I conduct interviews to make my paper really authentic. I’m… Continue reading

Struggling With an Addiction?

Question by : struggling with an addiction?
I gave my life to Christ I go to church I read and know the bible well every time I THINK I’m delivered from drugs I always keep going back I have asked God to take the taste out of my mouth I… Continue reading

Should Drug Companies Be Able to Advertise Prescription Drugs on TV?

Question by Rupert Roo: Should drug companies be able to advertise prescription drugs on TV?
This is a relatively new thing that wasn’t here 15 or so yrs ago. For some meds, like Viagra, it is a non-necessary drug. But I see a lot of blood pressure and cholesterol drugs… Continue reading