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Curtis Trotter: Addiction: Why Can't They Just Stop?

Curtis Trotter: Addiction: Why can't they just stop?
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's national survey on drug use and health reports, 23.5 million people 12 years of age and older needed treatment for an illicit drug or alcohol abuse problem in 2009, and of the individuals… Continue reading

CVS Caremark Charitable Trust Invests Millions of Dollars in Access to Health

CVS Caremark Charitable Trust Invests Millions of Dollars in Access to Health
Centre Volunteers in Medicine (State College, PA) — Cherry Street Health Services (Grand Rapids, MI) — Faith Family Clinic (San Antonio, TX) — Project Vida Health Center (El Paso, TX) — Queens Care Health Centers (Los Angeles,… Continue reading

What Is Wrong With Me? Am I Depressed?

Question by Eric: What is wrong with me? Am I depressed?
I have been experiencing a drastic change of sleeping pattern, lack of hunger and appetite, and constant dwelling… I feel like I may be depressed because,not only have I been suffering from these things, but I now sleep in… Continue reading

Is Drug Addiction a Sign of Mental Illness?

Question by onesickchick: is drug addiction a sign of mental illness?
i say yes but my friend says no. i think the self destructive nature of addiction is a sure indicator of mental illness.

Best answer:

Answer by araveugnitsuga
Maybe but remember that adiction isn”t easily controlled so the person… Continue reading

John XXIII Health Clinic Integrates Behavioral Health With Primary Care Services

John XXIII Health Clinic integrates behavioral health with primary care services
Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony March 21 at the John XXIII Health Clinic, a new primary and behavioral health care integrated clinic located in downtown San Jose, offering quality care to underserved …
Read… Continue reading

Minimum Wage Increase, Marijuana Decriminalization Pass in Md. General

Minimum Wage Increase, Marijuana Decriminalization Pass in Md. General
"One of two things will happen. You will either decrease the number of people you have in your labor force, which means a decrease in jobs, or you'll have an increase in prices to make up for the costs and… Continue reading

I Have Been Hooked on Narcotic Meds for 4 Years and I’m Trying to Kick the Habit. How Do I It Without a DR?

Question by daniel: I have been hooked on narcotic meds for 4 years and I’m trying to kick the habit. how do I it without a DR?
I get them off the streets and I’m scared for my life. Please help

Best answer:

Answer by nursienurse
I don’t think it… Continue reading

Which Public Asistance Programs in Florida Now Have Drug Testing Requirements?

Question by megan c: Which public asistance programs in florida now have drug testing requirements?
What exactly is welfare, is it an umbrella term used to cover programs such as food stamp benefits and medicaid? and if it does or does not will floridians be required to drug test specifically… Continue reading

Survey Asking People About Legal Highs to Help Health Services

Survey asking people about legal highs to help health services
The country's first national independent and confidential online survey on people's use of new psychoactive substances or legal highs has been launched this week by the Centre for Drug Misuse Research in Glasgow and Buckinghamshire County Council.
Read more on… Continue reading

Sober Freedom: Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitaion

Sober Freedom: Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitaion — What sets Sober Freedom apart from other providers of care for substance abuse is that we help people every step of the way. We don’t see “Rehab” as a stay i…

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