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Substance Abuse and Depression – Kristine Shares Her Addiction Recovery Story at Palm Partners

Substance Abuse And Depression – Kristine Shares Her Addiction Recovery Story At Palm Partners — Substance abuse and depression, this is the story of Kristine. She describes how she changed from being a good student and athlete to a drug addict. Addicted…

Prescription drug addicts 'are adept' at fooling GPs… Continue reading

Speak About Drug-Addiction as a Treat to Your Life .?

Question by victoria d: Speak about drug-addiction as a treat to your life .?
HOw affects you those which are drug-addicted and the high level of drug -addiction/

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Answer by Dink
Drug addiction is plain and simple- it corrupts the life of the user and those around them.… Continue reading

What Are Some Effects of Drug Addiction?

Question by zimran!!..: what are some effects of drug addiction?
effects on the person, effects to his society..?
serious answer please..

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Answer by Brand X
any addiction is that which interferes with carrying on a normal life.

Answer by silver.graph
It depends on the drug. One of the… Continue reading

Boyfriend’s Drug Addiction and Guilt-Tripping Family?

Question by roarmrdinosaur: Boyfriend’s Drug Addiction and Guilt-Tripping Family?
My boyfriend of 4 years has been using Oxycontin for almost a year now. His social circle has been created because of the drug. He recently has come to terms and admitted to me that he does not want to be… Continue reading

Prescription Drug Addiction – Not a “real” Addiction?

Question by r6racer: Prescription drug addiction – not a “real” addiction?
per my other posts, I was addicted to xanax for many years. I did some stupid stuff while high on xanax, said some real hurtful things. Used to crawl on hands and knees on the carpet looking for any… Continue reading

Drugs or Friend???

Question by Marketta R: drugs or friend???
i have 1 choice. my friends or drugs. i am 15 years old & scared. if i give up drugs i get really depressed, but if a lose a friend i will get really depressed 2. i need advise asap before this thursday.… Continue reading

Boyfriend on Drugs, How Do I End It?

Question by Gabsta: Boyfriend on drugs, how do i end it?
So i’m 17 and i have recently discovered the guy i have been going out with for nearly 3 years (he is 20) has gotten seriously involved with Heroin. He basically called me harassing me at work all day… Continue reading

DC Week: ACA Enrollment Tops Expectations

DC Week: ACA Enrollment Tops Expectations
On Friday, the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association (TVECA), an industry group, posted a scanned photo on its website of what appeared to be the first page of a draft proposal from FDA for regulating e-cigarettes. The document, entitled …
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Can Prescription Drug That Dr Give You for a Drug Addiction Make You Fail a Drug Test?

Question by jbw1_1002: Can prescription drug that dr give you for a drug addiction make you fail a drug test?

Its an AT home drug test. first off dave I don’t use drugs I am 5 months pregnant and my best friend used an at home drug test so go… Continue reading

Addiction Treatment and Addiction Help Through Hypnosis

Addiction Treatment and Addiction Help through Hypnosis — http://www.3DayAddictionCure.com Hypnosis has helped many people get past their addictions. Addiction treatment is a hard thing to go through recovery from a…

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