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Shirley Jones Wants a High-Flying 80th Birthday

Shirley Jones wants a high-flying 80th birthday
LOS ANGELES – Inspired by a former president, Shirley Jones can't wait to jump into her birthday plans. The Oscar-winning actress and singer says she'll take her very first skydive on Monday — her 80th birthday. "That's something I wanted to do all… Continue reading

Sandra’s Baby Talk, Lindsay Denies Drug Abuse, David Makes Jessica Squirm

Sandra’s Baby Talk, Lindsay Denies Drug Abuse, David Makes Jessica Squirm — Sandra Bullock chats about baby Louis in her first postdivorce TV interview, Lindsay Lohan says she has never been addicted to prescription drugs, and David …

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How Serious Is a Juvenile Drug Paraphernalia Charge?

Question by Coltin: How serious is a juvenile drug paraphernalia charge?
Last night me and a friend were by some baseball fields getting ready to smoke pot. My friend started packing a bowl and hit it and handed it to me but a car started coming towards us and it… Continue reading

This Morning on the Today Show, a Story About Lindsay Lohan Aired at 9:04 AM CST. How Is She Considered “news”?

Question by endangered Species: This morning on the Today show, a story about Lindsay Lohan aired at 9:04 AM CST. How is she considered “news”?
Moreover, Kim Kardasian is also considered top grade “news”. Lohan is in the spot light for using drugs, rebelling against authority, and being well –… Continue reading

Lindsay Lohan’s Pre Rehab Schedule Includes Charlie Sheen

Lindsay Lohan’s Pre Rehab Schedule Includes Charlie Sheen — to see more videos here: for copyright listed in the video. please no haters please like and subscribe in accid…

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Sports Digest: Michael Sam Has Support of College Coach

Sports digest: Michael Sam has support of college coach
Diagnosed with cancer in his neck, Minnesota Twins general manager Terry Ryan, 60, has taken leave from his job for treatment and recovery. The prognosis is optimistic. Miscellany. Former pro football player and ex-ESPN analyst Hugh Douglas pleaded no …
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What’s About the Court for Lindsay Lohan?

Question by Shabnam: What’s about the court for Lindsay lohan?
i saw some pictures of lindsay lohan in court,and i wanted to be what is that all about?can someone explain me???PLZ

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Answer by Ani
January 2006: Vanity Fair reports that Lohan admitted she had bulimia during an interview,… Continue reading

The Facts on Lohan?

Question by Miss Alexis: The Facts on Lohan?
Lindsay Lohan, fresh out of rehab, has been arrested again on DUI charges, and posession of cocaine.

“Lohan left Promises Malibu Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment Facility on July 13, after a stay of more than six weeks.” Quoted from:

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Can My Husband Still Recover From His Drug Addiction?

Question by allie: Can my husband still recover from his drug addiction?
I’m starting to lose hope. My husband is addicted to pot. After months of negotiation, he finally agreed to enter a drug rehab and recieve treatment. The thing is, I don’t think any program works for him. He… Continue reading

Rehab Centers Struggle to Keep Drugs Out

Rehab centers struggle to keep drugs out
Betty Ford spokesman Russ Patrick declined to comment on Ehrhart's specific allegations, citing anonymity for patients in a 12-step recovery program and confidentiality laws for health care providers, but Patrick said in a statement that the center …
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