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Correction: Canada-Toronto Mayor

Correction: Canada-Toronto Mayor
The mayor's brother, Doug Ford, told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. that Ford would enter a 30-day inpatient treatment at one of the best rehab facilities in North America but he declined to name the location. Morris said the 30 days could be extended …
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A Cure for Physician Shortage? ; Nurse Practitioners in Florida Would Be Given

A cure for physician shortage? ; Nurse practitioners in Florida would be given
They served as directors for medical or nursing services and as commanding officers in military medical treatment facilities and directed medical and nursing operations throughout the Department of Defense , Briscoe said. And they were not… Continue reading

Fisherman Statue Coming to Bourne… but Should It Be Named for Late Stan Gibbs?

Fisherman statue coming to Bourne… but should it be named for late Stan Gibbs?
Selectmen said statue fundraising was a private affair and their role in the project was to simply assure appropriate placement near the canal. Gibbs supports the statue project. But, he said, he had been informed by… Continue reading

I Need the Best and Affordable Dermatologist in Manila Area…..details?

Question by confused891: I need the best and affordable dermatologist in manila area…..details?
I live in tondo,manila and I have been to different dermatologists in the metropolis san juan de dios hospital, manila doctors hospital, skin health clinic in sm san lazaro….please give me specific details who where and how… Continue reading

– San Jose Santa Clara Water Pollution Treatment Plant Tour -5

– San Jose Santa Clara Water Pollution Treatment Plant tour -5 — – TilTul saves time by activating each search in parallel on your selected sites directly from your browser, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Wiki…

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Misdiagnosed Bipolar: One Girl's Struggle Through Psych Wards Before Stanford

Misdiagnosed bipolar: One girl's struggle through psych wards before Stanford
Doctors diagnosed her with bipolar disorder, prescribed psychiatric drugs that didn't work and sent the San Jose family on a nightmarish odyssey through psych wards, group homes and isolation rooms. Then … It would take a mother's stubborn devotion… Continue reading

49ers' Aldon Smith Held at LAX for Alleged Bomb Threat

49ers' Aldon Smith held at LAX for alleged bomb threat
In November, following a five-week stint in an inpatient rehabilitation facility for a substance abuse problem, Smith vowed to make sure he stayed out of trouble off the football field. … Jill Tucker and Eric Branch are San Francisco Chronicle… Continue reading

Local Rapper Brings Heart Back to Beat

Local rapper brings heart back to beat
Local hip-hop artist and fashion enthusiast Preez Magnificent, 23, tailors his music to fans but stays true to his tune. From his humble border-town beginnings in Bisbee to the lyrical crusade he undertook to promote love, and protest SB 1062, this …
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Physical Therapist Assistant or Pt Please Help Me.?

Question by Paul S: Physical Therapist Assistant or Pt Please help me.?
I got my certificate as a Pt aide and now i want to study further but i don’t know that i go for PTA programme for 2 years to get licence or go for straight PT. i live… Continue reading

Police Blotter: Man Waving Gun in Drive Arrested as a Felon Under the Influence

Police Blotter: Man waving gun in drive arrested as a felon under the influence
SAN JOSE. 1000 block of Regan Street, 1:15 a.m. April 8 Officers responded on a report of shots fired and located a residence that had been struck. No injuries were reported. South Division, 4 p.m. April… Continue reading