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Court Mandated Drug Rehab Programs?

Question by hummingbird: court mandated drug rehab programs?
So i was researching programs that might have involuntarily inpatient rehab centers for my mom. Mostly because i had heard someone talking about how they got their son in law to go to rehab only by having these people take him by… Continue reading

Drug Rehab Centers That Dont Cost an Arm and Leg?

Question by P: drug rehab centers that dont cost an arm and leg?
im looking for affordable drug treatment centers down south or out west. ive talked to a few but they cost too much money. i only have 10 grand to play around with and i need a place… Continue reading

I Need the Best and Affordable Dermatologist in Manila Area…..details?

Question by confused891: I need the best and affordable dermatologist in manila area…..details?
I live in tondo,manila and I have been to different dermatologists in the metropolis san juan de dios hospital, manila doctors hospital, skin health clinic in sm san lazaro….please give me specific details who where and how… Continue reading

Berkeley CA Treatment Center Call (855) 912-7867 Drug Rehab Center Berkeley CA

Berkeley CA Treatment Center Call (855) 912-7867 Drug Rehab Center Berkeley CA — Drug addiction Treatment Centers for Liquor and Drugs Picking the treatment center that would best match the requirements …

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Drug Tests in California?

Question by Blackb3lt: Drug tests in California?
Are you subject to drug tests from an employer if you have a prescription for medical marijuana?

Best answer:

Answer by the01animal
u r still subject to them but an allowance shoud be made for the prescriptions u have

Answer by jafnarf
DO… Continue reading

R&P: Name a Song That Speaks to You of Experience, Strength, or Hope?

Question by Punch: R&P: name a song that speaks to you of Experience, Strength, or Hope?
Hello all!! your distant cousin Punch here to tell you that you too can see yourself through a living hell and come through on the other side, a better stronger spirit. I have been… Continue reading

St. Louis Drug Rehab 314.485.7397

St. Louis Drug Rehab 314.485.7397 — Alcohol Drug Rehab St Louis (314) 485-7397) is a provider of the best treatment programs and facilities for alco…

Mindapps and The Neurosingularity Project
Surgeons and engineers at Emory University and the Center for Pediatric Healthcare Technology in Atlanta are developing a treatment… Continue reading

Drug Addiction Treatment Centers That Offer Outpatient Counseling.

Drug addiction treatment centers that offer outpatient counseling. — (856) 302-7023 Drug addiction treatment centers that offer outpatient counseling. The founding principle of our company is that of helping people and their families…

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Drug Bust That Happened in Dayton Ohio

Question by big will: drug bust that happened in dayton ohio

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Answer by friendlystranger65
Were you involved?

Google shows 35,000 hits. Here’s the top 10:

Ohio: Major Bust By Feds Nets Millions In Drugs, Cash
DAYTON, Ohio — The search for drug suspects took undercover… Ohio Man Faces… Continue reading

New Jersey Treatment Centers

New Jersey Treatment Centers — -We first assess your problem/situation, set goals and suggest ways to achieve the goals. This could mean anything from…

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