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How Do I Help the Drug War?

Question by prettyparadoxal 1: how do i help the drug war?
i want to help conquer the oxi war but am a single mom what can i do?
where is a better place to ask this question on ya?

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Answer by Shaan
Yes u should focus on this… Continue reading

Police Chief Says Global Drug War Is a Failure

Police Chief Says Global Drug War is a Failure — Joseph McNamara, the former chief of police in San Jose, CA and Kansas City, MO, talks about the vastly expanding but always ineffective U.S. effort to eradi…

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Feds May Be Rethinking the Drug War, but States Have Been Leading the Way

Feds may be rethinking the drug war, but states have been leading the way
In a new Pew Research Center report, 67% of people said government should focus more on treating people who use illegal drugs, compared with 26% saying prosecution should be the focus. More than six-in-ten (63%) now… Continue reading

Why the San Francisco 49ers Must Cut Ties With Troubled CB Chris Culliver

Why the San Francisco 49ers Must Cut Ties with Troubled CB Chris Culliver
A few weeks ago, Mark Emmons of the San Jose Mercury News wrote about the change in Culliver. In general, the … The 49ers also stood by Aldon Smith when he had problems with the law, based… Continue reading

Which Public Asistance Programs in Florida Now Have Drug Testing Requirements?

Question by megan c: Which public asistance programs in florida now have drug testing requirements?
What exactly is welfare, is it an umbrella term used to cover programs such as food stamp benefits and medicaid? and if it does or does not will floridians be required to drug test specifically… Continue reading

Will McCains Wife Promote Anti-Drugs?

Question by unsure_one: Will McCains wife promote anti-drugs?
Since she had narcotics addiction and stole drugs? That might make a great role for her. Or do you think the campaign will continue to evade that?

source: http://www.salon.com/news/feature/1999/10/18/drugs/print.html
Stealing the drugs is a felony I believe.

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Answer by rukidding… Continue reading

Netflix and Comcast Settle Deal to Deliver Faster, Smoother Streaming

Netflix and Comcast settle deal to deliver faster, smoother streaming
SAN JOSE — Netflix and Comcast announced a deal Sunday to speed up the streaming delivery of movies and television shows to millions of customers. The stunning agreement comes amid a new era in the relationship between content providers like… Continue reading

It Affects Us All: One Family’s Perspective on Addiction

It Affects Us All: One Family’s Perspective on Addiction — Drug use and its damaging effect on families and relationships – which is something the Lajeuenesse family learned firsthand.

Cookies on the New Scientist website
Recent brain studies show extensive parallels between the effects of certain addictive drugs and experiences… Continue reading

Serious Question: Should Drugs Like Crack, Meth, Heroin, and Marijuana Be Available at the Corner Drug Store?

Question by John L: Serious Question: Should drugs like Crack, Meth, Heroin, and Marijuana be available at the corner drug store?
I am NOT endorsing recreational drug abuse. I think it is a waste of a life to be an addict. I just think if you are an addict or… Continue reading

The Research Domain Criteria of the NIMH and the RDoC Vision for Mental

The Research Domain Criteria of the NIMH and the RDoC Vision for Mental
Signs are the objective indicators that doctors use to diagnose the patient and which play a major role in determining what is the best treatment for a specific problem. Insel generally views psychiatry as diagnosing and… Continue reading